Clean Hacked WordPress Malware

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Clean Hacked Wordpress Malware

All online users are aware of malware, online scams and website hacks. Sometimes malware disguised as a genuine file carrying malicious code corrupts WordPress powered websites to steal sensitive information. These details may include banking details, SSN, Debit or Credit card numbers or passwords. Recently, enterprises and organizations are finding it very challenging to defend their website from such malicious attacks.

This article provides a complete overview on How to clean hacked wordpress malware

Besides causing damage to the hardware and software of WordPress enabled website, the malware also corrupts the visitors’ computers. Therefore, it is mandatory to check if a website is affected by malware to stay protected from all the online risks. Anyone can try the Comodo Web Inspector which is a free website scanning tool. A quick scan will reveal the mysteries such as your website’s blacklist status, vulnerability exploits, malicious code, infected files, and other suspicious activities.

How to remove malware from hacked wordpress site

Mostly, the malware appears harmless and looks like a usual program in the file list. It may arrive through an infected website, spam email and lay hidden in the computer until it becomes active. In many cases, users have witnessed the malware to play dormant until it is opened. Thereby, the time and mode of its arrival determination becomes a little tough. Unrecognized changes in the computer settings and activity are obvious indicators of a malware presence.

So where do you find the free WordPress Malware Removal , and how to remove malware form wordpress , keep reading

Hacked wordpress site symptoms

Symptoms of a malicious code residing on a website may lead to the website getting blacklisted, new files or folders, slow loading web pages, unusual redirects, etc.

Free WordPress Malware Removal

The cloud-based web security solution helps to quickly identify website malware attacks by making use of Web Inspector. It efficiently detects whether a website includes security vulnerabilities. The best part is that the Web Inspector provides a basic website security check as a free service.

Clean Hacked wordpress website using Web Inspector

a) Type the website address into Web Inspector
b) Click on Start Scan
c) Within minutes get the website’s vulnerability report

Comodo Free WordPress Malware Removal Tool

The Comodo Web Inspector is an ideal solution for malware and targetted attacks. The cloud-based service inspects your website for malware, offers all-around protection across devices and OS platforms. The detection technology identifies viruses and malicious code on a web page and protects the website from thousands of security threats, daily.

Comodo Web Inspector’s PCI compliance scanning for e-commerce websites helps to maintain the payment card industry’s mandatory standards. Simply put, it is more capable of detecting continuous security threats and attacks on e-commerce websites. The Comodo Web Inspector applies advanced technologies such as

  • Dynamic page analysis
  • Signature-based detection
  • Buffer overflow detection
  • Heuristic detection techniques

Wrap UpĀ 

Website security is a significant factor in the achievements of any web-based company. If data gets endangered, then it will affect the growth of your company sales and ROI. If you are not aware of the hacker moves, then your site may be easily compromised and the hacker may get hold of important digital files and images on your website. You must add website protection and security to your site to prevent cyber attacks and illegal downloading of digital data and images from your website.

With Webinspector the solution to Clean Hacked WordPress Malware become more simpler and guaranteed

Website Malware Scanner

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