5 Absolutely Free Tools to Scan Websites for Vulnerability and Malware

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Website Scanning Tools

Security has become a perpetual issue and concern for all the users connected to the Internet. Though security measures are implemented, it should be checked if the user meets the required standards to maintain and provide consistent website protection.

With the ever-evolving change in the cybersecurity threat landscape, we are usually concerned with so many questions like … is the website secure? How to verify if the website is safe and if there any website security check tools available fro free.

Why Is Website Security Check Important?

The ever-evolving threat landscape has been the reason for us to ponder over with questions

  • Is the website secure and protected?
  • How do I know if the website is secure?
  • How to perform a website security check online?
  • Are there any free services to perform a website security online?

A free service is required to gain an instant basic website protection. In this article we will be discussing on the free online tools that works best to scan a website and ensure protection. Read on to know more.


Web Inspector deploys the use of a clone of a real browser combining other security tools and plugins to identify, resolve and terminate threats. It is also equipped to update the user with the current status on the search engine blacklists, malware infections, validation of SSL Certification, etc. It also benefits the users with Dynamic page analysis, Signature based detection, Buffer overflow detection and Heuristic detection techniques. There is also a free version for trial as well.

Sucuri Sitecheck

Sucuri is yet another website scanning tool which can validate the website for any threats, risks, outdated vulnerable software, blacklist status, etc. This website security tool is available for free and does not require any registration. It also helps users to repair a hacked website.

Virus Total

It is an auxiliary of Google. It helps to analyse and examine websites if they are affected by malicious software. This runs a range of website scanners and antiviruses and helps users pull out a security report for your website. It can check a single file or component of the website or even the complete website for malware.


Quettera adds the Website address to the scan list. The URL of the website is copied and pasted on the input box and hit Enter. It also provides options to check the WordPress sites for malware through committed malware checking tools and it also provides web monitoring and malware removal services. The URL checking services are available for free and there is a paid version for more advanced service deployments.

Qualys SSL Labs

SSL Labs can examine the configuration of the server on the internet. It follows a grade system and rates the server like A+, A, A-, B, C etc. The site has detailed methods and to ensure best practices of SSL/TLS deployment. Qualys also provides monthly SSL monitoring program which checks and examines Alexa ranked sites to validate their server configuration.


Malcare comes in both free and paid version that offers a scanner to detect tough malware that escapes detection in other standard plugins. It identifies the presence of malware much at an earlier stage to prevent the web host from blocking or blacklisting your website.

The plugin concentrates more on the accuracy of identifying a malware and most importantly works to reduce the quantity of possible false positives. The free version also provides an effective firewall to ensure website protection from bots, and other hackers

All of the above mentioned security tools offer free service for vulnerability checkup, while they provide paid subscriptions to benefit users with advanced protection and detection features. Try implementing one of the above mentioned website security tools and share us your experience with us!

Website Malware Scanner

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